Improving Customer Experience 

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Failing to accurately capture customer requirements can result in missed milestones, flawed deliverables and discontented customers.

Providing the customer with the best possible experience is about getting things right first time, but how can this be achieved repeatedly?

By investing adequate resources at the concept stage, Attis can ensure validation of the customer’s requirements with regard to the entire framework of delivery. This helps to reduce unforeseen risks, or ‘known unknowns’, and provides the parameters within which all projects can be measured and assessed.

Attis can chair meetings between disparate groups or departments to ensure a smooth consistency to the project’s progress, delivering key stage and milestone reports that provide clarity for all stakeholders.  

Attis can also arrange end use documents such as technical files, operating documents and engineering decisions to further assist the customer’s journey with you.  

Applicable to:

  • Well defined initial statement of requirements
  • Design and build right first time
  • Product compliance
  • Product technical files
  • Acceptance planning
  • Validation criteria

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