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Attis Engineering Solutions Ltd. was started in 2016 by Dr Andrew Painting in response to repeated calls for his expertise from leading businesses. Andrew started his career maintaining and testing weapons systems on Royal Navy Submarines and went on to build and manage safety engineering teams, through to becoming both Technical and Design Authority for HM Naval Base Portsmouth.
Andrew completed a BSc in artificial intelligence and mechatronics in 2003 and an MSc in occupational and environmental health and safety management in 2014. This included a dissertation on engineering governance. In 2014 he was awarded a PhD for his research into the use of an intelligent monitoring system which can be used to predict catastrophic events in virtually any industrial sector.
In 2018 Andrew was joined by David England who brings with him some 30 years’ of health, safety and management experience. David has worked in the petrochemical, distribution and manufacturing sectors overseeing large numbers of personnel and multi-million pound operations. His expertise is in blending the Regulatory requirements of health and safety law with a practical, pragmatic approach to engaging the workforce.
David obtained the prestigious NEBOSH diploma in occupational health and safety in 2016 and is a member of the Institute of Risk and Safety Management. Together, Andrew and David provide a unique service which looks at any project from concept through to completion, ensuring that operational safety are embedded from the design phase onwards. This holistic approach means that all stakeholders, from the commissioning board to the final operators, receive a seamless, integrated project that maximises return on investment and minimises delivery hold-ups and re-working. This is termed as ‘safe to operate and operated safely’.
Attis Engineering Ltd. is now simply referred to as ‘Attis’ to allay any possible confusion about the term ‘engineering’, although this is precisely what Attis does. It ‘engineers’ solutions to problems by applying resolute and pragmatic expertise, garnered from years of experience and study, and provides a bespoke outcome designed to maximise delivery success. The process can be equally applied to manufacturing, construction, design, financial, marketing and service sectors. In an uncertain world, Attis can provide a level of surety that cannot be found elsewhere in one package.

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